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6258Re: [z_scale] A future for Blair Line laser cut structures in Z scale?

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  • Scott A. Whitmire
    Aug 31 10:22 PM
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      At 8/30/01 08:13 AM, you wrote:
      >Thank you Jeffrey for listing our email and company information on the Z
      >list. Maybe someday we will be one of the "big guys" in Z scale too.
      >I was a little disappointed in the response from the Z list a few months ago
      >when I first mentioned we might enter the Z scale market.

      Sorry to hear that.

      >We recently laser cut a couple of our N scale laser cut wood kits, the Wood
      >Loading Ramp and Shotgun House, in Z scale to see if it is feasible to make
      >a Z scale laser cut kit, and yes it is feasible! The Z scale kits require
      >about the same time and skill to assemble as one of our N scale kits. Our Z
      >scale wood loading ramp assembled exactly the same as our N scale loading
      >ramp. Very simple to build, an excellent kit to start with if you have never
      >built a laser cut wood kit, and it looks good too. The Shotgun House was a
      >little more difficult. The main walls, roof, foundation and trim went
      >together well. The difficulty was in assembling two part window frames. This
      >could be simplified by offering a one piece window frame. But even in Z
      >scale I think a two piece frame is required to accurately model a double
      >hung window. Any comments, thoughts or feedback on this would be

      This sounds interesting. Can I see pictures of these kits, in either scale,
      on your website? Or, if you don't have a website, is there somewhere else
      we can see them?

      >Dale Rush
      >Blair Line

      Scott Whitmire
      If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then
      programming must be the process of putting them in.
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