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62398RE: [Z_Scale] What happened to the power?

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Jul 3, 2009
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      >I've been reading other responses to this and I am thinking that the >problem could in fact be at my loops. They are running off the same power >as the rest of the layout and it does make sense that I'm trying to feed >the power back into itself through the turnouts. They are not insulated >or isolated in any way.

      So if I've properly understood that's it: without any isolation the (+) rail comes back on the (-) stockrail, thus the short. In my opinion you should cut a gap on each rail leaving the turnout, straight and curve (thus 4 gaps as a total), and feed the loop with an inverter that allows to change polarity when the train comes back to the turnout.

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