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62360Re: [Z_Scale] Transmitting Sound by the Tracks

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  • Alan Cox
    Jun 30, 2009
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      > "Another type of analog system is to have a sound unit located at the control panel and use the track rails as "wires" to send the filtered audio impulse to a speaker on board the loco."

      Using the rails as a carrier - basically "radio over rails". You mix the
      near DC of the rails with an audio signal modulated on a carrier high
      enough in frequency you can filter it from the motor ok.

      Doesn't really make much sense in Z because the biggest Z problem is
      speaker size anyway. If you want good sound in Z put speakers in the
      corner of the room and use surround sound. It's still a fair bit of work
      (track sensors and software to work out what to play but the hard bits of
      the audio work are all done by standard PC libraries like OpenAL)
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