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6210A future for Blair Line laser cut structures in Z scale?

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  • Dale Rush
    Aug 30, 2001
      Thank you Jeffrey for listing our email and company information on the Z
      list. Maybe someday we will be one of the "big guys" in Z scale too.

      I was a little disappointed in the response from the Z list a few months ago
      when I first mentioned we might enter the Z scale market. But in spite of
      the poor response, our preliminary plans are still to release a couple of
      our scaled down N scale structures in Z scale in 2002 and see how sales go.
      If sales are good we will of course release more kits. If sales are not so
      good... we will concentrate on making HO and N scale products. Of course
      since we too are one of those small cottage industries, our plans are always
      subject to change.

      We recently laser cut a couple of our N scale laser cut wood kits, the Wood
      Loading Ramp and Shotgun House, in Z scale to see if it is feasible to make
      a Z scale laser cut kit, and yes it is feasible! The Z scale kits require
      about the same time and skill to assemble as one of our N scale kits. Our Z
      scale wood loading ramp assembled exactly the same as our N scale loading
      ramp. Very simple to build, an excellent kit to start with if you have never
      built a laser cut wood kit, and it looks good too. The Shotgun House was a
      little more difficult. The main walls, roof, foundation and trim went
      together well. The difficulty was in assembling two part window frames. This
      could be simplified by offering a one piece window frame. But even in Z
      scale I think a two piece frame is required to accurately model a double
      hung window. Any comments, thoughts or feedback on this would be

      Dale Rush
      Blair Line
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