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  • stevegail
    May 4, 2009
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, ztrack@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 5/4/09 8:56:43 PM, sschulman541@... writes:
      Rob--Malcolm said "MTL containers are pretty close to prototype dimensions (but not exact)" and you said "The fact is MTL containers are very close to MCZ, but they do nor match." You can parse words all you want, but the fact is that all 40' containers are NOT the same. I satnd by my statement that Malcolm (and by inferance you, since you have a vested interest) is trying to claim that his containers (plus Marklins) are the only true to protype containers. Best regards,
      --Steve from the other Phoenix

      > > Your statement is pure bunk and is only trying to justify your containers
      > > as the only ones that are correct.
      > >
      > Steve,
      > I did not think Malcolm implied that his containers are the only ones
      > correct. You have to factor in that Marklin and FR also have released containers
      > that are very good. But I will tell you this, Malcolm's MCZ line (produced
      > with FR of Germany) containers are by far the single best container in the
      > market today. Period. He has done his research own these and the quality and
      > detail are superb. The fact is, the MTL containers are very close in height
      > and width to MCZ, but they do not match. The MCZ match closely to the
      > containers of Marklin and FR which is why the containers of these companies can be
      > used together through their standard pin configurations.
      > If you would like to refute the above statement, then please do, but don't
      > attack the person. Personally, I feel Malcolm was professional is his
      > response and was not pushing his products, but sharing his experiences. But
      > frankly, he has every right to go into detail about the quality, detail and finish
      > of his line.
      > Rob
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