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61471Re: Amperage Draw

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  • Don A
    May 2, 2009
      Therein lies the problem. This meter has an unusual design and their info is not really clear on a quick read. I did find a written discussion explaining how to use the meter. You really do have to feed ALL power through one end of the meter and through the internals and display LED's and then out to the tracks/rails. In essence since you are reading both amperage and voltage at the same time, all power must run through the meter. IOW, cut the two leads from the transformer to the track, and insert the meter at the cut and you are set to go. In addition the amperage will vary SLIGHTLY depending which end is fed the power. An explanation for that is that in one direction you measure the amperage consumed by the meter itself, and the other way you do not. I have never found an internal wiring diagram to understand what is happening here. Where it becomes even more unclear is that you can take EITHER end of the meter and then just place the contact points on each rail and read the voltage.

      FWIW feeding all power [ i.e. voltage & amperage ] in one side and through the LED display and then on to the track/rail seems to produce proper readings. You can readily see the amperage increase by putting a drag on the loco - such as weighting it down with your hand.

      I still would like to know if a near zero reading is normal for a Z Scale DCC engine merely sitting on the tracks. IOW "idling", but set to go if you call up it's decoder number.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "stonysmith" <stonysmith@...> wrote:
      > To measure AMPERAGE, you must 'break' the circuit.. remove one wire from the power pack and connect it to one lead of the meter, connect the other meter lead directly to powerpack.
      > To measure VOLTAGE, you would simply touch the leads onto the two contacts of the powerpack, or one lead to each rail.
      > For a picture, see http://www.stonysmith.com/railroad/va.gif
      > > He said one end should be connected to the two wires coming from the output power from the controller, and the other end two wires be connected to the track.
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