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61470Re: Searails Shark Shells

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  • Thomas Welsch
    May 2, 2009
      Hi John,

      Thanks. You haven't missed anything...I haven't detailed my process anywhere. It's not extremely difficult though. I removed the lightboard and lightboard lugs from the MTL GP chassis and replaced the springs with a little bead of solder between the motor lug and chassis half. I did need to machine out some of the inside of the shells to lower them. The AZL coupler on the front of the A unit is just slid in place as it will be mostly used for looks only. I cut the coupler box off of the front truck to accommodate the AZL coupler. After a little clean up and washing, I painted the clear shells with "Apple Barrel Colors" Cobalt Blue acrylic paint. I always brush-paint my models. I didn't use any primer but I did paint the inside of the shell with black paint...except where the windows are. I sanded down the MTL fuel tanks to make them flat and painted them with the same color. The decals were designed and printed on my ALPS printer by me. That's about all there was to it. I'm considering close-coupling them as Dan has suggested.

      Thanks again,

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "John Duino" <jduino@...> wrote:
      > Very cool! It is nice to see more/different motive power. I may have
      > missed it, but have you detailed your process (mods, finishing, paint,
      > etc)?
      > But, boy, that profile shot just SCREAMS that we need a close-coupling
      > option.
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