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61093RE: [Z_Scale] More Test Results on the AZL SD75

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  • Matthew Parker
    Apr 1, 2009
      I'm 60 and my wife isn't the least bit interested in my new hobby. I have a strict budget that I try very had to stay within in as far as trains is concerned. I'm pleased that many here seem to have unlimited funds. All this debate about DCC and DC is really starting to irritate me. And I certainly didn't mean to spark a heated, almost coming to blows discussion over my obervations about couplers. I know everyone has their own opinions and preferences over many things in this scale, but is there a need to beat each other up over it? From what I've been reading, it sounds like you people are chosing up sides and drawing a line in the sand, daring each other to step over it. I'm sorry I brought the whole issue up. Forget I ever mentioned it.

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      Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 11:03:41 -0700
      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] More Test Results on the AZL SD75

      AZL and MTL can be run together successfully if you go with DCC. You set
      each loco speed to match the others and then they all pull the same. You
      gotta do some tweaking in Z scale...........rule of thumb here.

      Body mount couplers present a whole new set of problems on some locos and
      rolling stock, as you don't get the 'swing' necessary on tight curves. Yard
      operations also present special challenges for the body mount couplers when
      backing up. There are just some things in scale work that aren't able to be
      done as in full size. Any time you scale somethig down, you lose something
      in the interpretation. Physics kind of rules here and only compromises to a
      certain extent.

      One side note regarding your other posting about having someone change the
      couplers out for you. I hate to sound like a doomsday forecaster, but Z
      scale requires a lot of manual 'hands on' for many of the aspects of Z.

      Couplers are only one small, (no pun intended) facet of Z scale model
      railroading. As you progress in your modeling you will find the track work
      to be challenging if you go with flex track since soldering and rail joiner
      installation is a bit tricky, and there are other areas of Z modeling that
      will require a steady hand and clear eye.

      Go to any train show and talk up Z to the other scalers and the often
      repeated phrase you hear is "it's too small to see and my hands aren't
      steady enough".

      Many of us Z scalers are around 60 or so and the challenge grows with each
      day. Folks aren't joking when they say. "if you want a challenge, then go
      with Z scale".

      I guess what I am trying to say Matt is the fact that folks aren't going to
      be able to do much for you if you require help. Z is kind of a one man show
      when it comes to building and such. I suppose you may be able to get some
      help to alter or do some tasks for you, but you won't be able to keep
      someone on retainer to be there for the tough jobs.

      When I sell a loco or rolling stock, I will change out the couplers but
      there is a fee for that as it is my time involved. Now, if your wife has an
      inclination to help out, then you may just have the best possible scenario.
      Nothing like having a mate that is "into" the trains like you are.

      I actually have some customers who don't want their trains they purchase
      sent to their homes.....and you know why. I feel for them as it is a game
      of 'hide the loco' and play witht the check book balance........sad state
      of affairs.

      Keep the dream alive, but don't get all twisted up inside when things don't
      go smooth as silk. Z is not for the faint of hear, but for the persistant,
      patient, and dedicated modeler.


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      > I am disappointed though in that the SD in conjuction with the Geeps of
      > any model looks impressive no matter how many cars are being pulled. But
      > is clear that the two can't be run successfully together and that is
      > unfortunate.
      > Oh well!

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