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  • hobbycraftsnmore
    Mar 31, 2009
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      Hi Ron and everyone else confused

      Yes Zelatory kits are great. After I bought one of them I knew I had to carry them for all of my customers. I added the name of each truck with the old and new MTL number if you want to see pictures, just use the search option on the site and you can see a picture of each truck where they are listed and then you can just pick them up.

      Here is a link to Zelatory products on our site:
      Copy and paste:


      Hobby Crafts N More

      P.S. Dont forget to keep checking our Train Show Blog for all the shows in your area
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "ronaldjhurley" <rhurley@...> wrote:
      > Kevin,
      > Looks like a good product! I was confused though as there were multiple choices on the trucks for the Pacific/Mikado option. I assume the multiple choices were for the various types of trucks but I couldn't tell from the numbers which was what. Could you add what each of the numbers represents or even better, add a picture? I'm sure the info is elsewhere but it will make it much easier to order with all of the info in front of you. Thanks... I'm ready to order 3 sets at least.
      > ron
      > >
      > > Hobby Crafts N More announces a new product line: The Zelatory! What is The Zelatory?
      > >
      > > The new manufacturer The Zelatory has a couple of new conversion pieces for Z scale. These are the conversion pieces to be able to put Micro Trains Line trucks and couplers on Marklin Mikado/Pacific tenders and cabooses.
      > >
      > > The purpose of these conversions are that when you remove the Marklin trucks and couplers, the holes don't line up with the Micro Trains trucks and couplers and this bar-when put on correctly-provides accurate holes for the MTL trucks and couplers.
      > >
      > > There are two different conversions. One for the Marklin Mikado/Pacific tender and a separate one for the Marklin cabooses.
      > >
      > > The pieces are professionally made and come with full step-by-step instructions complete with photos.
      > >
      > > We'd also like to announce a new Manufacturer link list to help you find your favorite manufacturers faster!
      > >
      > > ***Don't forget: Hobby Crafts N More also carries Hayes style bumping posts, wiring harnesses, and lots of other smaller manufacturers.
      > >
      > > Check out our blog at: http://hobbycraftsnmore.blogspot.com/
      > > and our new train show list at: http://modeltrainshows.blogspot.com/
      > >
      > > P.S. Dont forget to send us your Train Show info
      > >
      > > Kevin
      > > Hobby Crafts N More
      > > www.hobbycraftsnmore.com
      > >
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