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  • Reynard Wellman
    Mar 1, 2009
      Hello Ken Armstrong,
      Here I quote you:
      "I think the problem with extended requotes of previous messages is
      people using the "reply" button to send a response."

      Yes, there is no need for entire passages that might
      not contribute much to these arguments. On the other
      hand, editing someone's text can be tricky. One might
      use only the passages that would color the original
      author's ideas unfavorably. It is done all the time in political
      and business arguments.

      I too, have occasionally hit the "instant reply" button
      and wished that I had not. Casual remarks and rants
      drag on through the pages, actually weakening ones

      So, if we are to edit, we should seek to be fair yet
      concise. Your notes to others who are using various
      email tools is very helpful. Again, I quote:
      "In Mozilla Thunderbird, on the heading bar select *Tools*, then
      Settings,* then *Composition and Addressing*. Under *Composition*,
      Locate the the question "Automatically Quote the Previous Message in My
      Reply". Uncheck the box. Done. Go back to your message. You can then
      copy only what you want to quote from the message into your reply."

      Thank you. I believe these forums should reflect the idea
      that model railroading is fun, informative and inspiring!

      Best regardZ,

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