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59699Re : [Z_Scale] Re: Micro Trains wish list

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Feb 4, 2009
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      >While I work exclusively with flex track in N scale, I am designing a
      >Z layout for my wife. I would like to use all MT track products and
      >was wondering how the flex track mates with pre made roadbed of the MT
      >turnouts? I'm really not interested in using sectional track at all,
      >but I don't want to build the turnouts or pay outrageous money for
      >Mike Mahoney

      Hi Mike, unfortunately I can't give you a reply with the match MTL Flex / MTL turnouts as I'm using Pater Wright's turnouts ( http://www.wrightturnouts.com ). Finally I chose them instead of MTL's samples because I found that even the MTL's are prone to stalls at very low speed, although they are power routing. Wright's turnouts are to this prospect completely "clean" due to their technology, with non-articulated points.

      And About Marklin's turnouts and tracks I can't say, I don't use them as in my opinion they don't match prototype american track (and this ugly side mechanism bores me).


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