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59694Re: [Z_Scale] Need Help in learning to paint and build from scratch for z scale.

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  • Garth Hamilton
    Feb 4, 2009
      With resin castings there are times when primer painting and fixing
      of imperfections in the casting is best done before assembly. So I
      wash and dry the parts first. Next I trim the pieces and check the
      fit and then use Squadron Green Putty (the white version will do the
      same job I just have a preference for the green as I have been using
      it for so long) to fill in any imperfections like depressions at mold
      separation lines then set them aside to set up for an hour then sand
      them and repeat the process until I am satisfied with the finish of
      the part. Then paint with a primer. Then depending on what it is I am
      assembling I decide on what to assemble before painting or what
      should be painted before assembly. Like the trailer I would paint the
      wheel bogie and landing gear and if the trailer floor is a separate
      piece I would assemble the floor with landing gear and wheel bogie
      and then paint before assembly while the body I would do any
      decalling and such while the panels are flat and easy to access. With
      resin I always install bulkheads in dead space as they are famous for
      warping over time.

      regards Garth

      At 12:18 AM 2/4/2009, "msksport" msksport@... wrote:

      >Hello everyone,
      >I have paid other people to do this and now I would like to learn
      >how to do it and need
      >help on where to start:
      >My goal is to first learn how to paint a resin built semi-trailer
      >and scratch build -
      >buildings, homes, railroad cars, and autos, etc...
      >1. Assembly the trailer - I first have to glue the tires and front trailer
      >2. Second - wash the resign trailer,
      3. Third - Sand any imperfections,
      >4. Fourth - primer it,
      >5. Fifth - then paint the trailer and tires and very very very small door
      >handles, etc.
      >6. Sixth - and finally attach decals to it.
      >7. Seventh - I think then place a clear coat over all this?
      >I have looked at catalogs from Micro Mark and email them. They emailed me back
      >with a
      >list of items needed to do the job. I was impressed with the quick
      >response and
      >What I need help on:
      >1. Does anyone or can anyone think of anything else I need to do on this
      >trailer to finish
      >2. Can anyone recommend any other supplier?
      >3. Can anyone recommend the tools you think I will need for this?
      >I have done some research and most of the items needed Micro-Mark
      >mentioned but
      >want to make sure I have everything and that I use the correct
      >paint, glue, and
      >supplier, and etc...
      >Can anyone have any advice???
      >Thank you very much.
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