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59685Re: Need Help in learning to paint and build from scratch for z scale.

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  • mompey
    Feb 3, 2009
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      If you want to keep the decals, then you need to clear coat with
      lacquor, and this will also help if you weather the model with enamel
      paints, I love short cuts but this is not one...


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Karin E. Snyder" <ladyrejoicer@...>
      > This is much simpler than you might think, have done many and never
      > twice on how I had to do it.
      > -just wash pieces carefully, dry thoroughly
      > -sand only if you really need to (emery board works)
      > -don't bother to prime it
      > -simply paint it, either spray, brush, or airbrush if you have one.
      Easy on
      > the paint
      > -attach decals as per instructions
      > -only clear coat if you want to, not necessary
      > No need for special tools or knowledge. Everything you need you
      should be
      > able to get locally, no need for special tools from Micro Mark for
      this job.
      > This sounds like a Randy Brown kit and he makes it pretty easy for
      the user
      > The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep it simple,
      sounds to me
      > like you might be trying to paint a Rembrandt ;o} Given you have
      > this could be done in 1/2 tops if you don't count drying time.
      > Good luck and welcome to the fun world of building Z stuff.
      > "My goal is to first learn how to paint a resin built semi-trailer
      > scratch build -
      > buildings, homes, railroad cars, and autos, etc...
      > 1. Assembly the trailer - I first have to glue the tires and front
      > holder,
      > 2. Second - wash the resign trailer,
      > 3. Third - Sand any imperfections,
      > 4. Fourth - primer it,
      > 5. Fifth - then paint the trailer and tires and very very very
      small door
      > handles, etc.
      > 6. Sixth - and finally attach decals to it.
      > 7. Seventh - I think then place a clear coat over all this?
      > I have looked at catalogs from Micro Mark and email them. They
      emailed me
      > back
      > with a
      > list of items needed to do the job. I was impressed with the quick
      > and
      > answer..."
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