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59681Need Help in learning to paint and build from scratch for z scale.

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  • msksport
    Feb 3, 2009
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      Hello everyone,
      I have paid other people to do this and now I would like to learn how to do it and need
      help on where to start:

      My goal is to first learn how to paint a resin built semi-trailer and scratch build -
      buildings, homes, railroad cars, and autos, etc...
      1. Assembly the trailer - I first have to glue the tires and front trailer
      2. Second - wash the resign trailer,
      3. Third - Sand any imperfections,
      4. Fourth - primer it,
      5. Fifth - then paint the trailer and tires and very very very small door
      handles, etc.
      6. Sixth - and finally attach decals to it.
      7. Seventh - I think then place a clear coat over all this?

      I have looked at catalogs from Micro Mark and email them. They emailed me back
      with a
      list of items needed to do the job. I was impressed with the quick response and

      What I need help on:
      1. Does anyone or can anyone think of anything else I need to do on this
      trailer to finish
      2. Can anyone recommend any other supplier?
      3. Can anyone recommend the tools you think I will need for this?

      I have done some research and most of the items needed Micro-Mark mentioned but
      want to make sure I have everything and that I use the correct paint, glue, and
      supplier, and etc...

      Can anyone have any advice???

      Thank you very much.

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