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59617Re: AZL latching couplers

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  • Ben Scaro
    Feb 2, 2009
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      I make MT 957 wheels as 4.2mm or 0.163", so for Z that's pretty much
      spot on for a 36" wheel.

      I may be guessing but I think these 957 wheels are the ones in Nn3
      trucks, where they scale to 2'2 1/2" diameter.

      I think the smaller MT ones are 950s and they are 3.8mm diameter.

      Marklin metal wheels (either silver or blackened) are a heftier
      4.44mm or 0.175".

      I model Nn3 Australian so for me, bigger is better. 4.75mm would be
      spot on but I doubt I'll get it.

      For anyone who wants them, I believe Marklin are the only ones who do
      spoked wheels, but they are not used much except in their collectors
      4-wheel beer vans that they put out every year as a novelty Christmas

      But the spoked section is not 'see through', it is a plastic spoke
      insert into a metal wheel. Again, they are 4.44mm or 0.175" dia.

      You certainly can tell a 33" and 36" wheel side by side; or at least
      I can. This is simply because diameter isn't a measurement of length-
      it's to do with area, so it obviously affects the overall visible
      area of the wheel.


      > The Micro-Trains Z scale 33" wheels measure 33.75 scale inches. (By
      > the way, the AZL metal wheels from their roller bearing trucks are
      > 33.5 scale inches.) For anyone who really, really wants 36" Z scale
      > wheels, get some Nn3 trucks. These wheels measure 36.25 scale
      > The difference is indeed hard to discern, but it's quite noticable
      > when 33" and 36" wheels are side-by-side.
      > --David
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