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59578Re: [Z_Scale] AZL latching couplers

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Jan 27, 2009
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      Hello Travis,
      I have purchased some of the AZL trucks as well
      and hope to have them soon to do some similar testing.

      From what I have heard, these are designed to work
      with MTL couplers. I certainly hope this is true as I
      cannot afford to convert a lot of MTL rolling stock.
      From the images, they look simply beautiful in the package.

      I do agree with you already on one point: It would behoove
      AZL to develop and offer "archbar" trucks because so much
      of our rolling stock is from the first half of the 20th century.

      Thanks for posting. I look forward to more discussion on
      this new product.

      Reynard Wellman
      On Jan 27, 2009, at 5:15 PM, Cliff Travis wrote:

      > I just got a few sers of the new AZL truck mounted couplersand find
      > that they couple Very Well. Wheels are metal and are very free
      > wheeling.
      > Frames are plastic and well detailed.So far all is positive.
      > I converted two MTL Tubular hoppers nad discovered some negatives.
      > Wheels are noticably larger than MTL's and are further apart. I cannot
      > say which ones are correctly dimensioned but difference is quit
      > noticable.Trucks have really excessive horizontal swing.
      > The mount easily using origianl MTL bolster springs. AZL supplies pins
      > but they do not fit MTL bodies.
      > The two cars with AZL couplers works VERY well but coupler height
      > is so
      > low that they will not couple with MTL coupers althoughwhen at the
      > same
      > height they appear to be completely compatible.
      > Couplers are almost rigid in the coupler coupler housing whereas MTL
      > couplers move easily from side to side in the box. A real plus is that
      > the ASLs are rigid which should prevent the ojectionable bouncing
      > which
      > occurs with MTL couplers.
      > My initial enthusiasm for converting all of my cars to AZL couplers
      > was
      > dampened by the points mentioned above.
      > I sincerely hope that someone will find that I have done something
      > wrong and describe how the conversion to AZLz is easy and PRACTICAL.
      > Then I can do some converting.( although the dimensional differences
      > may stil be a problem). Ican live with roller bearings on wooden
      > cattle
      > cars if the mechanics are OK
      > Cliff

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