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59576AZL latching couplers

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  • Cliff Travis
    Jan 27, 2009
      I just got a few sers of the new AZL truck mounted couplersand find
      that they couple Very Well. Wheels are metal and are very free wheeling.
      Frames are plastic and well detailed.So far all is positive.

      I converted two MTL Tubular hoppers nad discovered some negatives.
      Wheels are noticably larger than MTL's and are further apart. I cannot
      say which ones are correctly dimensioned but difference is quit
      noticable.Trucks have really excessive horizontal swing.

      The mount easily using origianl MTL bolster springs. AZL supplies pins
      but they do not fit MTL bodies.

      The two cars with AZL couplers works VERY well but coupler height is so
      low that they will not couple with MTL coupers althoughwhen at the same
      height they appear to be completely compatible.

      Couplers are almost rigid in the coupler coupler housing whereas MTL
      couplers move easily from side to side in the box. A real plus is that
      the ASLs are rigid which should prevent the ojectionable bouncing which
      occurs with MTL couplers.

      My initial enthusiasm for converting all of my cars to AZL couplers was
      dampened by the points mentioned above.

      I sincerely hope that someone will find that I have done something
      wrong and describe how the conversion to AZLz is easy and PRACTICAL.
      Then I can do some converting.( although the dimensional differences
      may stil be a problem). Ican live with roller bearings on wooden cattle
      cars if the mechanics are OK

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