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59067Re: [Z_Scale] Re: DCC for Dummies?

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  • Loren
    Dec 11, 2008
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      In the class? I AM the class. I feel like I am the only student. Would
      anyone like to private tutor me in exchange for a back rub or an extra set
      of couplers? :o)
      Sounds like a book worthy of my dollars.....


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      From: "Don A" <zbarr474@...>
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      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: DCC for Dummies?

      >A Larry Pucket published a book through Carstens [Railroad Model
      > Crafstman] entitled "Practical Guide to Digital Command Control" that
      > came out this past summer. If you are truly in the dummy class this
      > might not help too much, but overall seems to give a pretty good
      > summary of what-is-what. Covers some of the latest decoders and JMRI.
      > If you are starting at "zero point" and want to get a good basic
      > involvement, this might fulfill your needs. Looks as if list price is
      > $24.95 Extensive color and high quality photos and printing; 112
      > pages long. I'm not related in any way to the publication, but
      > purchased a copy at either the Louisville N Scale convention ot at
      > Anaheim/NMRA [Forgot which].
      > ...don
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