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59066Re: DCC for Dummies?

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  • Don A
    Dec 11 10:26 AM
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      A Larry Pucket published a book through Carstens [Railroad Model
      Crafstman] entitled "Practical Guide to Digital Command Control" that
      came out this past summer. If you are truly in the dummy class this
      might not help too much, but overall seems to give a pretty good
      summary of what-is-what. Covers some of the latest decoders and JMRI.
      If you are starting at "zero point" and want to get a good basic
      involvement, this might fulfill your needs. Looks as if list price is
      $24.95 Extensive color and high quality photos and printing; 112
      pages long. I'm not related in any way to the publication, but
      purchased a copy at either the Louisville N Scale convention ot at
      Anaheim/NMRA [Forgot which].


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "John Duino" <jduino@...> wrote:
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      > DCC THIS
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      > DCC THAT
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      > My exposure to DCC is fairly minimal compared to most of you BAZ
      boys, and
      > I can get my loco's running in circles and the lights (usually) shining
      > the correct direction. However, that was accomplished mostly with
      the help
      > of comments on these forums and frantic calls to individuals during
      > reunions (sorry about that, Jeff!) The manual that comes with the
      NCE is a
      > bit useless for truly learning about DCC (kinda like reading a
      > then trying to write a novel...all the words are there, just gotta
      > out how to put them in the right order).
      > So my long-winded question is: is there a decent "DCC for Dummies" or
      > primer or PDF or something(s), that spells out how to utilize the
      fun and
      > functionallity within DCC? I couldn't even find a decent list of the
      > registers anywhere. Something with examples akin to what you spelled out
      > here, but more so? And not just for loc's but also accessories, track
      > wiring, etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one scratching my head at times.
      > John
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