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59065Re: [Z_Scale] DCC for Dummies?

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  • Loren
    Dec 11, 2008
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      I will second the motion. Jeff is a whiz bang when it comes to DCC, but
      unfortunately for him, he is unable to dummy down when he talks to this dumb
      bunny about electrical things. It's not that I couldn't learn, I don't have
      the time to learn it from the ground up. I wish I had taken electronics in
      high school, then I could more easily understand where Jeff is coming from.

      Anyway, Jeff is wonderfully talented with this DCC, but I too need a "DCC
      Primer for Dumb Dumbs"

      I'd like to reserve the second copy of whatever is out there to help us
      electrically challenged :o)

      No extra electrons in this brain housing,

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      Subject: [Z_Scale] DCC for Dummies?

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      > My exposure to DCC is fairly minimal compared to most of you BAZ boys, and
      > I can get my loco's running in circles and the lights (usually) shining
      > the correct direction. However, that was accomplished mostly with the help
      > of comments on these forums and frantic calls to individuals during family
      > reunions (sorry about that, Jeff!) The manual that comes with the NCE is a
      > bit useless for truly learning about DCC (kinda like reading a dictionary
      > then trying to write a novel...all the words are there, just gotta figure
      > out how to put them in the right order).
      > So my long-winded question is: is there a decent "DCC for Dummies" or
      > primer or PDF or something(s), that spells out how to utilize the fun and
      > functionallity within DCC? I couldn't even find a decent list of the
      > registers anywhere. Something with examples akin to what you spelled out
      > here, but more so? And not just for loc's but also accessories, track
      > wiring, etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one scratching my head at times.
      > John
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