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  • fredshark@earthlink.net
    Dec 1, 2008
      Union Pacific licensing has been royality-free since November 2006.


      Standing firm on principle, Mike Wolf, president and owner of MTH Electric Trains, has negotiated a new royalty-free licensing deal with the Union Pacific Railroad that extends to all model railroad manufacturers and their products in all scales.

      "It was the right thing to do," Wolf said in an exclusive interview with Kalmbach Publishing Co., publisher of CLASSIC TOY TRAINS magazine.

      Wolf announced that the deal, reached November 2, 2006, is royalty-free and continues in perpetuity. "It's the best thing for the long-term health of the hobby," Wolf said, forsaking any advantages that MTH would have gained from negotiating a deal only for itself.

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      >I could be wrong, but isn't there some kind of licensing fee that model train manufacturers
      >have to pay to be able to produce UP stuff? Could that be why UP stuff costs more? I
      >remember that Lionel got into some kind of lawsuit with UP over something like that.
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