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58780Re: [Z_Scale] conversion

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  • Uwe Liermann
    Nov 12, 2008
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      Hello Thomas,

      at Dienstag, 11. November 2008 19:52 you wrote:

      > Has anyone developed a conversion chart for comparing Marklin track
      > to MTL track to convert Marklin Plans to use Mtl Track in place.

      not really a conversion chart, but maybe this picture:


      and the following list might help.

      Currently available from MTL are the following sections. Each line is
      started with the Maerklin item#:

      8500 110mm straight
      8505 220mm straight
      8520 195mm radii 45°
      8521 195mm radii 30°
      8530 220mm radii 45°
      8562 turn out electric left
      8563 turn out electric right
      8565 turn out manual left
      8566 turn out manual right
      8590 100mm straight power feed section
      8591 490 radii 13° turn out curve
      8597 110mm decoupler straight

      those are the currently available sections. Not included in the list
      is a 110mm straight section that is cut out at one end side for the use
      at the turn out. Because of the roadbed the cut out is needed so that
      a track section can be used at the other track of the turn out.

      MTL turn outs always comes in a set with the turn out, the 110mm
      straight section with the cut out (depending on the turn out on the
      left or right side) and a 495mm radii 13°. Manual turn outs can be
      converted to electric turn outs with a set of turn out drives from
      MTL. MTL drives are bulkier then Maerklin drives, and they are mounted
      at the straight side of the turn out, whereas the Maerklin drives are
      mounted in the curved side of the turn out. A manual turn out from MTL
      looks better, because there is no mechanism box, like at the Maerklin
      manual turn out.

      As Jim wrote, there is no difference in the footprint of the MTL
      versus the Maerklin track. So if you have a track plan which uses only
      those sections that are also available from MTL, then you should be
      able to build it also with MTL. They only detail that is different is
      that if you are using only the pure sections, with out modification,
      then after a turn out you always have to follow with the 110mm
      straight section because of the cut out for the road bed. Here I would
      again recommend to MTL to exchange the 110mm straight with cut out
      with a 55mm straight and a 55mm straight with a cut out. This would
      open more options while planning a layout. Besides we would also get
      the 8503 55mm section... ;-)

      I'm working at a better version of the track geometry plan, which will
      also include the MTL numbers. Besides there is a mistake in my plan at
      one point... :-(

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