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58778Re: G35 engine coupler dismay

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  • Jeff BAZ-man
    Nov 11 4:55 PM
      Well you came to the right place for help. The Dixitrax board delema
      has been posted before but most do not know about it. Yes, you have to
      file the back notches just a bit more, then it will drop in. If you
      can't get it into the slots in the posts, a small screw driver will
      wedge them a bit more open (ever so slightly).

      As for the coupler, just like you would clean the trucks: just remove
      hte 2 flat head brass screws on the bottom and swap the entire frame
      (for now or then).

      John got you started on the coupler. The packages come with pictures
      on the back but I am not sure if the 905 has the 'exploded assembly'
      view. As noted, the spring goes in the middle. Use a piece of thread
      thru the springe during assembly, then when you have it all together,
      pull the thread out.

      We all unfortunately the hard way but then we teach others :)

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      SF Bay Area Z
      a.k.a. The BAZ BOyZ

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "John Mui" <jmui@...> wrote:
      > John, the spring goes into the middle of the coupler, and it should
      go in
      > vertically. Use a no11 blade and pick it up by inserting it between
      > springs. pick it up at a end and insert it into the coupler box. Now
      > the hard part, closing the coupler box without the spring popping out.
      > John
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