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58737Rolling Stock (incl FR Kits) for Sale

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  • danielhogue80
    Nov 9, 2008
      Unfortunately I need to sell my Z scale collection. I have both US and
      European prototypes. In the US prototypes, I have kits from FR
      (including some out of production items), MicroStructures and Feather
      River, as well as R-T-R units from FR, Penzee and Microtrains. I also
      have a number of MT coupler and truck sets, along with a MT coupler
      height gauge.
      The European prototypes are all Marklin, most of which date from the
      early or mid- 1970's. Please email me (danielhogue@...) for a
      complete listing including prices. I will in the future (as soon as I
      have the list compiled) be also liquidating Z scale accessories,
      building kits, etc.
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