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58733Re: Secondhand dealers in Switzerland

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  • kz3dx
    Nov 9, 2008
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      Hi Jeff,

      Yes, I am a ham also. Hey, the other day I heard that the HB9O
      station in the transportation museum in Luzern is closed. I was just
      there a couple weeks ago and it was open.

      I do Internet marketing for several companies, a couple of which are
      involved with European tourism. I just returned from two weeks in
      Switzerland. The first week was a meeting with the Switzerland
      tourism people. The second week I was meeting with people in Zermatt,
      St. Moritz and Chur that I needed to see. I did the the whole thing
      on a Swiss Rail Pass. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.

      There is a great hotel in the old town of Chur. The Zunfthaus zur
      Rebleuten. Typical small Swiss family owned hotel in a 14th century
      building. Fantastic restaurant. No lift. About a 5 or 7 minute walk
      from the train station. There is also suppose to be a good Z shop in
      Chur, but I did not have time to go there.

      Speaking of old towns, I had a chance to spend some time in old town
      Bern. Really great place. While I was there I went to Einstein's
      apartment (flat). It is amazing, that while living in this small
      flat, with a tiny desk, he was able to churn out five of his most
      important papers, while he was, working full time at the patent
      office, and had a baby he took care of while his wife worked. All
      this in one year...1905.

      I too have another meeting there in mid December, but I just don't
      think I will be able to make it. I am just overwhelmed right now.

      Z scale tip. If you can work it into your schedule, plan your trip
      around the modellbahn swap in Houten in the Netherlands. They hold it
      about 4 or 5 times a year. It is the size of 2 or 3 football fields,
      all inside with hundreds of people selling nothing but model trains.
      You will see Z scale stuff there that you never knew existed. The
      prices range from average to dirt cheap. Most of the sellers are
      individuals who have a little train business going on the side.
      People come from all over the world to attend this swap.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff BAZ-man" <sjbazman49@...> wrote:
      > There are several great restaurants in Maienfeld. In the square,
      > there is a restaurant who's owner was working in Newport Beach, CA
      > for 1-1/2 years where another of our offices are. His favorite
      > hangout was ours: Blackie's. So he cleared out all the 70 year olds
      > and cleared the menu to cook us whatever we wanted. Then we spend
      > the rest of the night drinking the primo Grappa, all on the house !
      > We brought him more customers, a new collection of Blackie's T-
      > shirts. There are some great places in Vaduz, Triesen, Bad Ragaz and
      > especially in Chur. I love old towns.
      > Looks like I'll be over there the first week of December.
      > What do you do over there ? I work for a vacuum instrumentation
      > company. And I take it from your forum 'name' that you are also a
      > ham radio operator like me.
      > Jeff
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