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58666Re: Re : [Z_Scale] So you want Z recognition do you? Well, here is our opportunity.

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  • Loren
    Nov 3, 2008

      That is a slam dunk for sure and you and Tony are very much appreciated for
      your fine showing.

      One catch though, you must somehow submit an article and GOOD photos to some
      of these magazines. No guarantee they will use your material, but if you do
      submit, let the Z community know, and we will all be able to document to any
      publishing nay sayers that say "nothing is being submitted" that is isn't

      Thought for all concerned.......perhaps at each show you attend, you think
      seriously about some picture composition possibilities and make the effort
      to take high resolution photos of the best workmanship. And then write up
      something and send it off.

      This is a group effort of sorts.


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      From: "Jack Chase" <cjc167x@...>
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      our opportunity.

      OK, so it's recognition that we want--right?
      This past weekend was the annual train show in Salt Lake City. Our Z
      Club--Wasatch Z was there with our modules--mostly completed (Tony Brucia's)
      and works in progress (mine). We walked away from the show with people's
      choice awards for first, second & third places for Tony's modules!! We also
      ran our trains flawlessly for 2 very full days!! & guess what? We got very
      few of the "you must need a micro scope to work on that stufrf remarks!!
      Not a bad accomplishment, I think! Go Z
      Jack Chase
      PS: I'll post a few photos later.
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