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58652Re: Cabeese (was Track Vac Time - Fall Layout Tuneup)

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  • Glen Chenier
    Nov 2, 2008
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Jim O'Connell" <jimo.crcmnvgtr@...>
      > > You know, I never thought that the plural of caboose was cabeese.
      > That's very interesting. If this is so, then why isn't the plural of
      > moose, meese? Very interesting indeed.
      > Yes, why isn't it so. Many will tell you it follows the "goose/geese"
      > rule. On the other hand older dictionaries, and places like
      > Dictionary.com will tell you that the pural of caboose is cabooses.
      > Cabeese generated in the model railroading crowd years ago.

      Yes, interesting. 'Cabeese' has been used on this list as far back as
      message #52 on 5 July 1999. A trainboard search for 'cabeese' turned
      up mostly the N and Z scale forums and photo albums, and was used first
      in March 2000. Very seldom is the term used in the trainboard HO
      forum. Did not look at all the results, but seems to be mainly N and Z
      scale slang.

      'Cabooses' is harder to pronounce than 'cabeese'. Look up caboose on
      wikipedia.org for a discussion of the plural 'cabeese' and also many
      other slang terms for caboose.
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