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58645Re: Track Vac Time - Fall Layout Tuneup

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  • Glen Chenier
    Nov 1, 2008
      Same way, turn them upside down, preferably in a styrofoam cradle
      with carved recesses to accept rooftop protuberences such as cabeese
      chimneys, and spin the wheels by hand while applying the Qtip wetted
      with rubbing alcohol to each wheeltread.

      If the crud is caked on (as often happens with plastic wheels that
      have not been cleaned regularly), very carefully use a blunt blade
      such as a slightly worn small flat screwdriver tip to dislodge the
      crud. Spin the wheel away from the metal blade, not towards it, do
      not dig and gouge the plastic wheeltread.

      Then continue cleaning with the alcohol wetted Qtip.

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Edward Scullin <sculline@...> wrote:
      > Glenn
      > Any tips on how to clean the wheels on the cars. Especially when
      you have a bunch of cars to clean, like after a show.
      > Ed Scullin
      > Roanoke VA
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