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58010Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Sharon?

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  • Loren
    Oct 5, 2008
      Hey Glen,
      The other night Karin and I did a really cool thing that only us "oldsters"
      can relate to.

      We went and saw the Kingston Trio and The Brothers Four at one of our local
      high schools. Man, talk about a quality evening......2 3/4 hours of pure
      good stuff. Took us way back. Turns out that the bass player for the
      Brothers Four is married to Loni Anderson and she was there also. We got to
      talk to her and get her autograph. Very nice lady, but a bit older
      looking.......aren't we all?

      They announced that the last original Kingston Trio fellow had died just the
      night before so there was a moment of quiet reflection to the evening, but
      other than that we really soaked it in.
      Yup, it was a quality evening.


      PS Why dangle rotten meat over a poor snake? Snakes will do what shakes
      will do and he'll die of food poisioning...... :o)

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      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Loren" <ljsnyder@...> wrote:
      >> Na, let's just cut off his essentials and nail them to the
      > shed......"all
      >> together boys"
      > "Tie me kangaroo down, sport, tie me kangaroo down..."
      > Better yet, string Sharon up by her manhood with piano wire over a
      > rattlesnake pit...
      > Sorry, I hate spamsters and it really P's me off when one of these low-
      > lifes milks email addresses from this group
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