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57514Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Loren's Amazing Working Highway

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  • Loren
    Aug 6, 2008
      Well Fred,
      Now I'm afraid I'm going to have to put a contract out on you because I'm
      about to tell you..........you ready to shoulder the awful truth?

      Truth is, the highway surface does get marred up, which in the scheme of
      highway surfaces is actually a mixed blessing? By mixed I mean that
      highways do have many different hues and shades due to weathering effects
      and road dirt, oils, etc.

      I used to look up and study trees a lot, now I look more closely at the
      roads I'm traveling on.......I'm looking down these days :o)

      On this road project I used some grayish formica and air brushed some gray
      paint on it. After a short while you see lines where the wheels and magnets
      scrape the paint a bit. It almost looks like the normal road wear you would
      expect to see on a highway surface.

      I barely had the highway up and running for NTS so it wasn't weathered or
      scenicked in any way. I will use chalks to actually make the road surface
      look more to my liking.

      There is no way to prevent the scraping effect so it is important to make
      the road surface out of something that is as close in color to what you want
      in the first place. Next project I'll use a gray formica that has some tiny
      speckles in it to help break up the appearance of solid gray highway

      I doubt I'll ever be able to get a base color to appear exactly like I'd
      like it to, but time will tell.......life isn't perfect, nor am I.......

      I've waived the required contract Fred, your life is secure..... as long as
      you don't run out into the middle of the road.........hmmmmm


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      > --- Loren,
      > How do you keep the roadway surface from being scarred up with the
      > constant scraping of magnet on visible hiway.
      > Fred
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