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57510Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Loren's Amazing Working Highway

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  • Loren
    Aug 6, 2008
      Hi Butch,
      Just a quick note to answer your questions........yes, there are magnets on
      each vehicle, one in front and one in back to help them track.
      No, the drive motor has no problem with the chain traveling
      through the channel. The chain is just a tiny fraction of an inch below
      road surface. The closer the better, but of course, you don't want it
      rubbing. You just have to be careful with the height of the surfaces the
      road bed is going to be glued to.

      I'll eventually post a better video of the highway once the scenery is


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      >> Loren,
      >> Great video! Fantastic mechanics. You are a talented modeler. I would
      >> love to see an article on the building of this model. I'm assuming
      >> there are small magnets on the bottom of each vehicle? Do you have any
      >> problems with the chain drive rubbing on the bottom side of the
      >> roadway. What are the clearances? The vehicles move so smoothly.
      >> Butch
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