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57118Re: [Z_Scale] Fw: Last run thru the Alps !

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  • Loren
    Jun 24, 2008
      Aren't you supposed to be working, you know, making money for your
      company............not having fun riding trains and having the time of your
      life. Just doesn't seem fair to the rest of us working slobs.

      Enjoy while you can,

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      From: "Jeff" <sjbazman49@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 9:25 AM
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Fw: Last run thru the Alps !

      Back in the cab of the BLS cargo train with Daniel Baechtold. Started just
      across the Swiss border in Haltingen, Germany (by Wil on the Rhein). There
      was a load problem that held up our first Lok's arrival but we made it all
      up. Normal departures usually get held up all over so starting late is good.
      We ended up in Frutigen, in in the Kander Valley by one of the NEAT tunnel,
      just past Thun, about 50km south of the Bern capital.. Talk about super
      elevated track! About a 12" difference from one track pair to the other !!
      The new high speed test train was parked on a siding. This one can increase
      the existing speed by tilting the cars themselves by an additional 9
      degrees. There are some LONG turnouts for 120kmh trains. Look like a #12 or
      Our loads are 3 axle trucks (Lorries) on the equivelant of a containel car.
      4 macro sized wheels under it ! Pix when I get home.

      Well, off we go, back down the hill, dynamically breaking most of the way.

      We pass thru Olten, nearby where Jürg lives but not able to stop by on this

      SF Bay Area
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