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56867Z_Dinner_NTS---Head count, please!

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  • John Duino
    Jun 4, 2008
      I partially replied to this elsewhere, but figured I could start a new
      thread with this, too.

      Yes, we are planning a dinner for saturday night (I think I somehow
      volunteered for organizing it). But I need a head count, and the earlier
      the better. I'm hoping for a REALLY large crowd, but that also limits
      where we can go. Also gotta try to keep it reasonably priced. Decisions
      decisions...if there is one thing SoCal is NOT lacking is places to eat

      Anyway, everyone who plans to attend PLEASE reply with a head count for
      saturday evening dinner ASAP. If you belong to the Z_NTS2008 yahoo group I
      prefer you answer there (less traffic), and please keep the header with it
      so I can find it easier (I receive several HUNDRED emails/day, not
      including spam).

      Thanks and I *REALLY* look forward to seeing/meeting/training with everyone!

      (ZoCal Social Committe Chairman???)

      > In a message dated 6/4/08 1:01:43 PM, ljsnyder@... writes:
      >> The Saturday night dinner has always been open to all Z scalers.
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