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56540Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Wheel/coupler combinations

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  • Uwe Liermann
    May 3, 2008
      Hello again Jim,

      I just forgot for a moment, but recently I wrote about this in another
      forum. There the question was:

      > Ok, what would be considered the Best Z scale Track Cleaning car on
      > the market???????

      and I wrote:

      well, that depends on the user I believe. As far as I know there are
      four different pieces of cars on the market:

      the Aztec car

      the Maerklin Indusi car 88021

      the Maerklin 86501 (originally from Manfred Jörger)

      a second car from Manfred Jörger, based on the Maerklin 8622 open
      freigth car.

      Since I own the 86501, this is the best for me. I won't use any car
      that uses any abrasive technics to work. If the track is so dirty that
      I need that, I did something wrong in the first place. Besides I can
      soak the pad with alcohol, and push it with the fingers to loosen the
      dirt first before I use a locomotive to push or pull the car for some

      I haven't seen the 8622 car from Jörger yet, but some people said that
      this one is even better then the 86501 because of the two axle
      configuration versus the truck, but I don't know why this should make
      a difference.

      Both the Aztec and the Maerklin Indusi car use an abrasive method for
      track cleaning, whereas the cars with the Joerger system have a
      special kind of cloth under the body, which can be used dry or you can
      soak it with a fluid if you want.

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