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  • robertfage@aol.com
    Apr 3, 2008
      Welcome Allan, Not all the Z people are on the other side of the pond. You
      will find a fair number of us over in the UK and Europe as well. You will find
      one or two dealers in the UK if you hunt for them, But the really cheaper
      stuff comes off of ebay as you know. Not always the best. Sometimes you will
      find members of those group have items to sell second hand. Declaring an
      interest I am a collector, and runner of Z items and also a UK dealer (not so much
      these days - contact me of line) I used to have lots of Marklin until I
      found some of the other makes such as MTL and AZL in the USA. Over a period of
      time I switched and run now 100% MTL or AZL equipment. In my personal opinion
      far better and cheaper.

      Loren Snyder on this site is always happy to sell to the UK and has been
      supplying me for sometime time now and I can report an excellent service at the
      all important good price. (he will take paypal with the charges added, but
      then you do get 25% off the order price. MTL locos are first class as are AZL
      and these days many of us run MTL equipment with DCC. - fantastic. OK not so
      many choices as Marklin yet, but the can motors with twin flywheels are first
      class. Lots of wagons but not so many coaches, but they are in the pipeline.
      Lots of buildings in laser (both wood and brass) as well as bridges.

      If you want bog standard track peco do z gauge, Marklin track will handle
      American made locos, but these days MTL does some great flexi and set track
      with manual or electric points. The good thing about MTL is new issues come out
      on the 1st of the month so unlike Marklin you do not wait for ever for a new
      item and the cost with the US$ / UK £ rate you are buying nearly half the
      price of items produced in Europe.

      Anyway if you need some pointer get in touch direct and I will be happy to
      give you the heads up... If you need to contact Loren he normally is on the
      current discussion board somewhere.


      Bob Fage (in the UK - Tunbridge Wells, Kent)

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