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56104Grassinator - Static Grass Applicator

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  • Melissa Cull
    Mar 30, 2008
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      To those that showed a pre-order interest in having a grassinator only ready
      made (provide your own 12vdc PSU as shipping those is prohibative and PSU's
      are really expensive in the UK) I've now got all the parts together to make
      a dozen units and worked out how much they will cost to just cover parts and
      my own unit they work out at £30 sterling as I've had to import the negative
      ion generators from the USA via a third party as the company doesn't ship
      directly to the UK and the other parts are more expensive in the UK anyway.

      I'm not charging for labour as I just want to cover the cost of my own unit.
      If I make another batch that would be a different matter.

      As the Noch low voltage grassinator retails at £120 sterling and the mains
      powered one at £220 sterling £30 sterling is still a bargain.

      Postage will be at cost.

      Please will you confirm your definite orders offline thank you.

      Kind RegardZ


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