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55928MLC Troller Slow speed controller

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  • Melissa Cull
    Mar 9, 2008
      Hi Ed,

      The "MLC Troller Slow Speed Controller" actually runs on 9 - 16v AC / DC so
      you can provide any mains step down plug in transformer unit you like.

      However the current IC in the N / OO scale give 12v DC output at about
      /2 - 1 amp and the O scale 12v DC at about 1 - 5 amps. Will have to dig out
      the box of bits to give you exact output amps for those.

      It works with coreless motors too as it doesn't use feedback, one of the
      local model clubs runs both O scale coreless and old iron motors in brass
      bodied locos and they run beautifully at huge exhibitions like Warley in the

      For Z scale I only need to change one of the IC's to a lower 8 volt output
      one, I think I've got enough of the other components left to build one or
      two if you want one but it wouldn't take me long to gather the bits together
      if I've not got them all in stock still.

      The idea originated from spending a fortune on an N scale Gaugmaster
      controller which ran like a bag of spanners which had more Jerk than Jerk
      Chicken! So I thought I'm sure I can make something better than this myself
      and this was how the "MLC Troller Slow Speed Controller" came about.

      Kind RegardZ

      Melissa Cull

      I would be interested in obtaining one of you speed controls if you ever
      decide to go into limited
      production. I have both the Joerger and The snail speed controller. Am
      always interested in a
      better mouse trap. I am in the US so would need either 110 Volt 60 hertz AC
      input or a DC input
      from a wall wall wart.
      Ed Scullin

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