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55868want to thank people came gratriot valley train show

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  • thomasc600
    Mar 3, 2008
      Gayle and I had great time showing 4 lay outs in Z scale. 2 were
      small # 3 was 2x3 ft. largest was 2x4 ft. they want us to return in
      fall nov.2 2008.was informed we had second most nunbers of pictures
      taken at the show was offered good sum of money on spot for the adobe
      village lay out other lay out still has lots to be finnished. Matter
      fact both larger boards still work in progress stages .My biggest
      smile came from people in wheel chairs and children. What made the
      frosting on cake,when some super modelers larger scales came over
      ask questions how we made some items.#3 board has been made out of
      simple items most familys get locally. guessing crowds was any
      where between 3,000 and 5000 for 6hr. show. Was so very suprized people
      wanted buy track trains bldg. boards on spot tried toss where buy
      items many sources as possible. Its hefty trick balance 6 tracks and
      trains running off 3 transformers 5 tracks were Z scale 1 track was N
      scale shay running below 2-Ztrack trains are next show is sunday
      tolado ohio 3-9-08 P/s to senior citizens trying make world litte happy