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55859Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Turnout Derailment

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  • Andrew Poulo
    Mar 3, 2008
      Hi Garth and Dan,

      Thanks for the advice and additional explanations. You guys were right
      on with your diagnosis. Now all I have to do is set up some kind of
      assembly line to adjust and paint (I dislike the silver) all the
      Marklin wheels. I followed your advise and ordered a MTL Gauge from the
      internet, and will start as soon as it arrives.

      I just posted some photos of the first phase of my layout. The album is
      called Royal Gorge Line. I'm building it on a two foot shelf which runs
      around three sides of an 8' x 10' garden shed. The photos are of the
      first 2' x 8' section. Two other sections will depict Florence and
      Pueblo Colorado.

      Once again, thanks for the advice.

      Andy Poulo
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