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55852RE : [Z_Scale] Turnout Derailment

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Mar 2, 2008
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      Did you check Marklin car's axle gauge with a MTL


      --- apoulo <apoulo@...> a écrit :

      > I'm new to the group and relatively new to z scale.
      > I am experiencing
      > a problem running Marklin cars over MTL turnouts.
      > The problem only
      > occurs on right hand turnouts when making a right
      > hand turn. Marklin
      > cars derail a high percentage of the time while MTL
      > cars have no
      > problem. My guess is the problem lies with the
      > Marklin couplers. I
      > think the coupler of the first car is exerting an
      > outside pressure on
      > the following car, causing it to want to go straight
      > and jumping the
      > switch.
      > I'm not sure my analysis is correct, and even if it
      > is, I can't figure
      > out a solution. Has any one else experienced this
      > problem, and does
      > any one have a solution?

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