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55849Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Turnout Derailment

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  • dpstripe@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2008
      What Garth was describing is a wheel gauge problem. A lot of marklin stock
      has problems going through MT turnouts. The wheel gauge on Marklin is slightly
      narrower than MT. When you roll a single car through the turnout, watch
      carefully to see if there is any disturbance. Even a slight one. A single car can
      often set itself back on the track. Multiple cars have the additional force
      of the car ahead pulling it and further lifting it off the track.
      Dan S.

      In a message dated 3/1/2008 1:28:50 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      apoulo@... writes:

      Hi Garth,

      Thanks for the response to my question, but I'm not sure I understand
      what you mean by the "back to back on the Marklin wheel sets." Let me
      also give you some additional information. I have a variety of Marklin
      American freight and passenger cars. If allowed to roll through the
      turnout alone, every car will make the turn smoothly. If coupled
      together in any conceivable combination, the second car will always
      fail to make the turn because of what you describe as a wheel pop.

      Any additional thoughts?


      Andy Poulo

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