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  • Robert Allbritton
    Aug 4, 2001
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      Will, Bill, Et Al...

      Yes, The ICE 3 only has one power car: the restaurant. Now here is where it
      gets a little funky...

      History: With the old ICE (Marklin 8871 - Intercity Experimental or ICE-V)
      You had two locomotives at each end, but only the front locomotive would
      pick up power for both motors. The front loco would use power from its
      pickups, and then also send the power back through special power conducting
      couplers to the rear locomotive. It used diodes to make sure only the front
      loco's power pickups were operational. The coach lights come directly from
      pick ups in each coach's wheels. This was done for old fashioned train
      control where you create a small section of track that a signal can power on
      or off. If you want the head of the train to stop where the power is off,
      then you need to draw the power for both motors from the front.

      The 88711 - which was the same model with ICE-I livery and "AMTRAK" labels
      plastered over the "DB" logos - looked neat, but totally inaccurate. The
      ICE-I did actually run in the Northeast corridor from New York to DC in
      revenue service - at about the same time I was getting into Z scale (1993?)
      but the ICE-I had significant changes from the 8871 IC Experimental -
      different nose on the power cars and they got rid of the funky connectors
      between the coaches. While I'm on this rant, the IC Experimental never ran
      with more than 3 coaches, because they only built 3! On the other hand, this
      is Z scale, and since we do not have a proper ICE-I or ICE-II, we have to
      make do with what the powers that be at Marklin will bestow upon us... ok -
      rant over - I feel better now.

      Today: The ICE 3 has its motor in the middle, but the motor restaurant car
      has no power pick ups. This time Marklin is using the same basic technique:
      draw power from pick ups on the control cab cars (no motor on the ends) and
      send it back to the middle through power conducting couplers. The coaches
      still light themselves the same way: through their own power pick ups on
      each individual car. I think the 195 mm radius curve thing has to do with
      the fact that this is one of the first Marklin models that is designed to
      push cars, rather than pull them. They probably had too many derailments
      pushing long trains through 145 mm curves, especially when they are laid in
      opposite directions back to back. Its just a theory.

      DCC bit: I modified my ICE 3 for digital in my hotel room at NTS in St.
      Louis. I got a Digitrax DZ121 in there using techniques similar to putting
      it in the SBB Re460 class (although I still need about .01 mm of height - it
      is not perfect yet - the shell is riding a little high on the chassis) I
      re-wired it so that the DCC decoder always draws power from *both* control
      cab cars. This helped quite a bit. I'm sure the same can be done for analog
      ICE 3 models by simply removing the diodes in the motor restaurant car.

      (I obviously had waaaaaay too much coffee this morning!)

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      > Can you read German? I guess I need to get a
      > translator.

      Babelfish usually stumbles pretty bad on German-English translations. This
      time it produced something that has some value. Babelfish is at:


      The translation follows. Rob almost got it right (better than I did).

      Now I have a question. Is there only one motor in the ICE3, that being in
      the mid-train restaurant car? Or does one (but not both) of the slope nosed
      engines also come equipped with a motor?

      Bill Kronenberger


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