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  • bjkronen@aol.com
    Aug 4, 2001

      > Can you read German? I guess I need to get a
      > translator.

      Babelfish usually stumbles pretty bad on German-English translations. This
      time it produced something that has some value. Babelfish is at:


      The translation follows. Rob almost got it right (better than I did).

      Now I have a question. Is there only one motor in the ICE3, that being in
      the mid-train restaurant car? Or does one (but not both) of the slope nosed
      engines also come equipped with a motor?

      Bill Kronenberger


      88712 triebwagenzug ICE 3 model: High-speed course intertown center express
      (ICE 3). Series 406 of the German course AG (railways AG). 1 final car 406,0,
      1. Class. 1 mittelwagen on-board restaurant 406,3,1 mittelwagen 406,6, 2.
      Class. 1 final car 406,5, 2. Class. Model: Central car on-board restaurant
      with new 5-pin mini club engine on all 4 axles propelled. Lighting of the two
      final cars and the mittelwagens 2. Class with maintenance-free light emitting
      diodes. Special clutches, which fit only the model of the ICE 3, permit a
      close Zusammenkuppeln of the course. Course length 465 mm. On the Eurailspeed
      in Berlin at the end of of October 1998 was presented the third ICE
      generation, the ICE 3, to the public for the first time. With a whole number
      of technological Raffinessen the new ICE presents itself and will contribute
      to shorten the travel times further. With the ICE 3 those becomes vehicle
      variety on the tracks of the German course AG (railways AG) around a very
      salient manifestation enriches. Above all the optical page of the new ICE 3
      captivates by the elegant, windschnittige front portion, which sets new
      yardsticks in its aerodynamic form. The most salient technical modification
      is however the propulsion principle. Where so far with the ICE 1 and ICE 2
      the drive sat in the respective triebkoepfen, now the entire propulsion
      technology is distributed under the car boxes at the new generation of the
      ICE 3. The ICE 3 is generally used as achtteilige unit and can be united with
      a further unit. A part of the courses is equipped for the current system of
      the German course AG (railways AG) and as series 403 is defined. Another
      section is prepared than four-system courses for the transnational
      application in Europe. Triebzuege the called series 406 are predominantly
      intended for international course runs. Also the interior equipment
      captivates by its appropriate and responding Ambiente. Particularly
      attractively the passenger compartment is direct behind the engine driver,
      who permits a direct view of the cockpit and the free distance by a glaswand.
      1999 the initial start-up of the vehicles takes place and in the year 2000 is
      the first courses to the Expo in Hanover to be used. By motorizing the
      restaurant car with the Maerklin mini club model the special features of the
      final cars can be to a large extent model-faithfully copied. The ICE 3 is
      intended for a radius starting from 195 mm.
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