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55516Re: The good side of auction sites

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  • carlsbad92009
    Feb 2, 2008
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Ray" <pray59@...> wrote:


      You hit that nail on the head with your observation. How can a person
      ethically take advantage of their buyer in that way? I don't even
      leave feedback for the seller when I again discover I've
      been "gouged" on mailing cost. Even when I have left positive
      feedback with the exception of making the statement; "paid $10.00 for
      shipping, actual was $1.80".......the seller has the gonads to leave
      me negative feedback.

      And.........when questioned before or after the auction is closed,
      the seller goes into how they have to pay for gas to go to the post
      office, buying tape, buying boxes etc., PayPal & E-Bay fee's etc.
      Unfortunately.....it's a grey area and another blight upon the E-Bay

      Don.......Carlsbad, CA

      > ztrack wrote:
      > > I agree on all of your comments except for this one point. Ztrack
      > often gets criticized for our shipping rates...
      > Your case is reasonable Rob. What kind of exorbitant shipping I am
      > talking about goes like this:
      > Suppose a seller on ebay is selling a pack of track joiners for
      > and lists 20 packs as available. Shipping is listed at $3.95 for the
      > first item, and $1.95 for each additional item.
      > If you bought 1 item, you paid $3.95 shipping, and the item safely
      > showed up in a 00 sized bubble envelope that cost $1 for the
      > and has an $.80 stamp on it. OK, understandable.
      > If you purchased 6 packs of track joiners because you are in a club
      > and doing some shows this season, they show up in the same 1 dollar
      > bubble envelope with the same 80 cent stamp on it, but you paid
      > shipping. The seller made an extra $9.75 profit off the shipping
      > This kind of seller is the kind I am talking about. I got took this
      > week cause I was in a hurry and did not read the fine print about
      > shipping, instead I quickly read over the "We Combine Shipping" to
      > mean "We Don't Profit From Inflating Shipping Charges".
      > -Robert
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