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55515Re: [Z_Scale] Re: The good side of auction sites

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  • Thomas Creighton Sr
    Feb 2, 2008
      I also agree as I bought several items from the same dealer and I didn't notice that he didn't combine shipping . I was charges 5.95 shipping on each and even though I complained he said that someone has to pay his wearhouse help and it wasn't going to be him. I contacted EBAY and their answer was If I wasn't smart enough to ask 1st then it was my problem as it is a binding contract. The totals shipping was over 35.00 which was twice the cost of all the items total!

      Robert Ray <pray59@...> wrote: ztrack wrote:
      > I agree on all of your comments except for this one point. Ztrack
      often gets criticized for our shipping rates...

      Your case is reasonable Rob. What kind of exorbitant shipping I am
      talking about goes like this:

      Suppose a seller on ebay is selling a pack of track joiners for $3.75,
      and lists 20 packs as available. Shipping is listed at $3.95 for the
      first item, and $1.95 for each additional item.

      If you bought 1 item, you paid $3.95 shipping, and the item safely
      showed up in a 00 sized bubble envelope that cost $1 for the envelope
      and has an $.80 stamp on it. OK, understandable.

      If you purchased 6 packs of track joiners because you are in a club
      and doing some shows this season, they show up in the same 1 dollar
      bubble envelope with the same 80 cent stamp on it, but you paid $13.70
      shipping. The seller made an extra $9.75 profit off the shipping alone!

      This kind of seller is the kind I am talking about. I got took this
      week cause I was in a hurry and did not read the fine print about
      shipping, instead I quickly read over the "We Combine Shipping" to
      mean "We Don't Profit From Inflating Shipping Charges".


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