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  • Helmut Paule
    Aug 2, 2001
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      From: Robert Allbritton <robert@...>
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      Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 5:12 AM
      Subject: RE: [z_scale] Re: P.S.....

      Hallo Rob,

      Yep, so I was wrong on VAL EASE, is R 195 mm, sorry.
      Yes it is the ICE 8771 ...
      I think on both ICE, the special Couplers are in my Opinion great.
      Power is connected from front to end and vise versa!
      The TEE has a smaller Version.

      I changed a Railbus to this Coupler (shortened), to get better power
      to the Motor, the Car had powerpicup for the Lights, so it was easy.
      thank you all for the other Info...

      "Z" Greetings Helmut


      Yes you are correct, but your ICE is the first ICE (8771) correct? Marklin
      was only referring to the ICE 3 (87712) If you look at the 2001 export
      brochure on page 36 it says that the NS version of the ICE 3 (87713) is for
      195mm track and larger. It may have something to do with the non - standard
      couplers with a motor in the middle of the train - something unique to the
      ICE 3 models. It is also the only time I recall seeing Marklin note a
      minimum radius for a model.
      Speaking of corrections, allow me to correct myself! In a recent reply I
      said that I did not know of a Marklin starter set that used the 145 mm
      radius track. I was wrong. The new "Summer Fun" starter set (81520) uses 145
      mm radius track. I *believe* it is the first "catalog" starter set to do so.
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