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55167RE: [Z_Scale] Ztrack, Plans for 2008

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  • Melissa Cull
    Jan 5, 2008
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      Hi Rob,

      Perhaps the Z scale community should commision IKEA to do dedicated pine Z
      scale storage systems as many of us use there products for either storing or
      mounting out layouts on??

      IKEA seem to like storage and getting as much into as small a space as
      possible so would be ideal or perhaps they would like to sponsor a Swedish Z
      scale train (preferably steam) - even better:-)

      My modelmaking room got in such as mess also because I had brought new
      furniture for it which is just the right height for me to put the larger Z
      scale layout on I'm building but was to be temporaily used for my bedroom
      until I found a nice pine wardrobe and a couple of chest of drawers for that
      but they stopped the range I was collecting before I completed the set as
      IKEA have a habit of doing so am still awaiting replacing my bedroom
      furniture so the modelmaking room furniture can go in the correct room.

      Kind RegardZ


      > I think I need a bit more IKEA storage systems then I can get it tidy
      > again.....

      Same here! I use the Ikea three drawer cabinets for storage under the
      These have been great. Since I expanded the layout, I may need a few more
      for storage.


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