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55164RE: [Z_Scale] Ztrack, Plans for 2008

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  • Melissa Cull
    Jan 5, 2008
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      Hi Rob & John,

      I don't have a basement:-( Just a tiny box room for my modelmaking room.

      I've made a start over the seasonal holiday to dig a path to my workbench,
      might get there by Easter:-(

      If I let my Mom loose in there she would clear it in a day but her method
      would be just hire a skip and chuck everything including my

      I think I need a bit more IKEA storage systems then I can get it tidy

      Kind RegardZ


      Melissa and Rob, you need enlist the help of the basement cleaning
      specialist, Randall Smidt. :D



      LOL! I had have to do the same thing. Before I can work on the layout, I
      have to dig a path to it. It is getting better, but I have more clean up to


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