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55137Re: Ztrack, Plans for 2008

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  • Don A
    Jan 2, 2008
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      Well, I have built quite a number of kits of all types including
      scratch. On the laser front there are three superb kits to look at -
      Robert Ray's - also makes kits for MTL, Jason Alles [Fannocreek] and
      Ben "Anemick" and there are others. There are also some brands way
      low on the quality scale. These good kits all range from micro ply -
      to regular wood - to plastic. Once a kit is finished I think you
      would be hard pressed to say one's materials are any better than
      another. It is really a case of using the best suited materials for
      the kit being built. Alles's plastic wood chip hoppers are almost
      dead-on for appearance since the plastic is so thin and smooth - and
      he has some clever stiffeners that are prototypical. On the other
      hand this material might not be too good for a building's walls etc.
      ...and so it goes.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Bob Mitchell <miniatureerections@...>
      > Hi, Don,
      > I meant that mess. for Rob Kluz, but am a digi-bonehead, not that
      it's a big deal...
      > I just happened to acquire three laser-cut micro-ply residence
      kits in succession, so thought it might be a neat twist to review 'em
      as a gang, rather than do seperate product reviews for each. I have no
      special fetish for the manufacturing technique, but I do deeply admire
      artisans like Robert Ray, who can make that laser talk.
      > I'm wondering if it isn't "cricket" to compare the different
      manufacturer's model houses, as some do a better job than others? I
      know from expereince that some hobby periodicals don't like me
      "bashing" (read: saying one's better than another) kits, as that can
      translate to loss of advert dollars. I don't suspect Rob Kluz of that,
      but the situation does exist in our "little" world.
      > Since I blundered into the bigger Yahoo sphere, does anyone else
      have any ideas about these, or any, product reviews?
      > Hey, y'all,
      > Bob Mitchell
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