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55136Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Ztrack, Plans for 2008

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  • Bob Mitchell
    Jan 2, 2008
      Hi, Don,

      I meant that mess. for Rob Kluz, but am a digi-bonehead, not that it's a big deal...

      I just happened to acquire three laser-cut micro-ply residence kits in succession, so thought it might be a neat twist to review 'em as a gang, rather than do seperate product reviews for each. I have no special fetish for the manufacturing technique, but I do deeply admire artisans like Robert Ray, who can make that laser talk.

      I'm wondering if it isn't "cricket" to compare the different manufacturer's model houses, as some do a better job than others? I know from expereince that some hobby periodicals don't like me "bashing" (read: saying one's better than another) kits, as that can translate to loss of advert dollars. I don't suspect Rob Kluz of that, but the situation does exist in our "little" world.
      Since I blundered into the bigger Yahoo sphere, does anyone else have any ideas about these, or any, product reviews?

      Hey, y'all,

      Bob Mitchell

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